About us


We began working on Kronorite after we took part in a local game jam in the summer of 2018. When we participated in that game jam, we started with absolutely no experience in game development whatsoever. None of us had ever researched anything about game development so it was an interesting experience for all of us indeed.

At the end of that game jam we were left with our game on Steam. It wasn’t great as it was our first ever project of this kind and really, it was only a prototype.

So we took the decision of continuing the game, but the whole game idea back then wasn’t so great, so we started thinking about a new game entirely that we could later expand on with different fun features. And so Kronorite was born!


We had two development stages:

  1. During 2018, when development was pretty slow, as we were just starting out and ruling out our plans. We weren’t all that hardcore because we all thought we had all the time in the world, and so there days that went by without anyone working at all. We sometimes had short bursts of working together that usually lasted between 1-3 weeks at a time. But with all of that, by December we had a pretty good foundation and a working prototype.

  1. In february 2019 we sat down and started realistically thinking about the time we had left and the stuff we had to implement and polish. We took some decisions such as reiterating the building system and making a much better one (the current one!) which was way more fun, way more optimized and way better all around both technically and gameplay-wise. After this period, development began to become stable and we were working every day.


We are a tiny team of four high schoolers. We knew from the start that what we wanted to do was a bit too ambitious for us and that we probably couldn’t pull it off, especially considering we had no prior experience in this field, but we sad what the hey, let’s do it and see what comes out of it and we think we got a great result.

What helped us a lot was our team organization. Each member has a specific role that they stick to and we tried to be as professional as we could about our team management. Another thing that helped us tremendously was our general understaing of how stuff works (or at least how it should) in areas such as networking, programming, monetization, server and web administration.

We are pretty proud of what we created and what our combined knowledge helped us make, especially because we haven’t received any big external help (such as sponsors or funds). We genuinely hope everyone enjoys playing Kronorite as much as we enjoyed developing it. Even though we had our ups and downs during this year of development, it was all around a great experience for all of us.

We welcome all of you to join our community on Discord and get to know us better!


Do you want to write us an email or just have a question? You can contact us on a bunch of different ways:

Email: [email protected]
Discord: https://discord.kronorite.com
Contact form: https://kronorite.com/contact-us/

Thank you.